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BASI Ski Instructor Levels

The British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) is a UK based membership association responsible for the training and licensing of Snowsports Instructors and Coaches. BASI has some 6300 members working in 38 countries worldwide.

BASI offer a structured teaching/coaching qualifications as a Ski or Snowboard Instructor. The scheme encourages Skiers of all abilities to become qualified Instructors and turn their passion into a career.

BASI Ski Instructor Levels

There are four BASI Ski Instructor levels, skiers start at level 1 and progress, over time, to the Alpine Level 4 ISTD qualification, the highest qualification within the BASI scheme.

Below is a guide through the BASI Instructor levels, requirements and qualifications at each stage.

BASI Ski Instructor Level 1

The Level 1 qualification is designed for Ski Instructors looking to teach on Dry Slopes and Snow Domes. If you are at University or have a full time job then you can teach at the weekends

During your level 1 course course (often combined with Level 2) skiers work on personal skiing skills and Instructional techniques. As well as learning to ski you will cover five additional modules:

  • First Aid Course
  • Safeguarding Children Module
  • 35 hours of Ski School experience
  • Level 1 Ski Instructors course (5 days)
  • Complete a CRB Check

BASI Ski Instructor Level 2

With BASI Level 2 (most popular) Instructors have the knowledge to teach up to and including Parallel Terns on marked pistes.

Skiers looking to start a career on the mountain complete the BASI level 2 Ski Instructors course. Level 2 is about improving personal skills, working on your fitness as as being a Ski Instructor can be physically demanding. During the level 2 course trainee Instructors will complete a series of modules, including:

  • 35 hours of teaching experience at a Ski School. Please note, these 35 hours are in addition to the 35 hours required for Level 1.
  • Level 2 Instructors course (10 days)

BASI Ski Instructor Level 3 ISIA

BASI Level 3 is for Skiers looking to build a full time career as an Instructor. Able to teach skiing at all levels, have a second language. As well as skiing you will be able to teach a second discipline

The BASI Level 3 qualification is designed for career minded Ski Instructors looking for a full time positions. Level 3 is a large step up from Level 2 requiring a high standard of skiing, Instructing and Coaching ability. Level 3 Instructors are expected to be able to speak another language. In addition to modules completed in Level 2, Instructors are required to complete:

  • Coaching course (5 days)
  • Able to teach a second discipline to Level 1 standard
  • Level 3 ISIA Teaching Course (5 days)
  • Level 3 ISIA Technical course (5 days)
  • Second language test
  • Level 3 Performance training (optional)
  • 200 hours of teaching experience
  • Level 3 Mountain Safety course (5 days)

BASI Ski Instructor Level 4 ISTD

BASI Level 4. Instructors who have build a career on the mountains, can speak another language and are excellent skiers progressing to the highest level

Level 4 is the highest within the BASI scheme, designed for seasoned professionals. In addition to all the modules above Instructors will complete:

  • Level 4 ISTD Teaching course (5 days)
  • log 6 days touring (as a guide)
  • Level 4 ISTD Technical course (5 days)
  • Euro speed test
  • Level 4 EMS Training course (5 days)
  • Complete a written project
  • Level 4 EMS assessment course (3 days)
  • Interview

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