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Windsurfing jobs

The instructor lifestyle working on the beach

The instructor lifestyle is second to none. You go to work in a pair of board shorts and spend most of your days at the beach. You will get to meet new people every week and those people are on the beach to learn a new skill and want to be there. Most windsurf jobs are in holiday resorts around the Mediterranean where the water is warm. You will find plenty of opportunities to improve your sailing skills.

Gap Year Windsurfing

Getting your first paid windsurf job

After training with Flying Fish in Greece or Australia, you should aim to spend your first season in the Mediterranean. Work here starts in April or May, which is perfect timing if you have trained with Flying Fish in Sydney during the Australian summer.

Summer season jobs

Major employers need sailing and windsurfing instructors throughout the season. The first group starts work in April, then more are needed for peak season in July and August. In September and October, more vacancies arise as some staff leave early to return to university. You can apply for work and realistically hope to get a job, no matter when you qualify with Flying Fish.

Your CV

Even before you start your course, get to work on your CV (resume). List the qualifications you expect to achieve. Apply for the instructor vacancies advertised on this site – and start networking as soon as you begin training. There can be more jobs going than applicants for them. We expect you to get hired! As soon as you have paid your deposit for a Flying Fish instructor course, you are entitled to full access to our jobs and recruitment section.

What’s the pay?

Your first job will not be highly paid. You can expect a weekly wage of £100 or £170 in your first European instructor job.

However – your living costs are extremely low, your employer usually provides housing and meals are often supplied, too.

If you begin work in Australia you will start on $20 an hour. As you become more experienced and better qualified your pay will increase. A Senior Instructor at an established UK sailing school can expect a salary of £18,000-£22,000 per year.

Next steps in your career

The Mediterranean season runs until October or November. Now it’s time to look for winter work in the Caribbean or Middle East – or maybe go down to Australia for that endless summer. There are sailing schools, clubs and training centres in great locations worldwide.

Top tips for a newly qualified windsurf instructor

  • Look at our recruitment site for the latest job vacancies (only available to Flying Fish graduates).
  • Approach employers like Neilson or Mark Warner holidays no later than January for Mediterranean jobs starting in April.
  • If you don’t have the right to work in Europe as an instructor, explore the options in Turkey, which is outside the EU.


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