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Water Sports Courses

Whether you want to learn a new skill, you’re taking a gap year, or you have been on holiday and seen water sports instructors living the dream on a beach teaching windsurfing or dinghy sailing, why not join Flying Fish, become a Windsurfing or Dinghy instructor and make your dream come true?

Windsurfing and Dinghy Sailing are popular sports for millions of people all over the world: it gets you out of the office, keeps you fit and there is always something new to learn. Lucky for you, all those budding sailors require an army of equally keen instructors.

Be careful, this lifestyle can be very addictive and, for many, it’s the start of a new career. Becoming a Water Sports instructor gives you so much more than just job satisfaction, no two days are ever the same and you get to live life outdoors!

Why train with Flying Fish

Flying Fish was formed 22 years ago by waters sports enthusiasts who loved the outdoors and believed that training in best conditions helps improve skills quicker than training in the cold!

What makes Flying Fish so different are the experienced, friendly staff, most of which have been with Flying Fish for over 15 years and, of course, the training locations.

During the Northern Hemisphere summer (May to October) you could be in Vasiliki, Greece – arguably Europe’s top all round water sports locations. With its warm water, relaxed lifestyle, amazing conditions, incredible mountain biking and legendary night life it is no wonder it is so popular.

During the winter months (October to April) Flying Fish moves to Sydney, Australia where the warm trade winds make Sydney a superb place to learn to sail. You will find sailing on Sydney Harbour incredible! This, and the friendly, laid back environment makes for a perfect setting for Instructor training. The beaches are world famous and, since there is so much to see and do, it’s no wonder millions flock each year to experience life down under.

Train with Flying Fish and we guarantee that you will learn a new skill, qualify as a professional instructor, travel the world and have an amazing time with professional, knowledgeable instructors.

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