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STCW and superyacht crew

Flying Fish offers STCW crew training courses in Cowes and Sydney, designed for candidates starting a career on superyachts. 

Vessels over 24m

To work professionally on vessels over 24m you must hold STCW Basic Safety Training certificates.

The training ensures that you know how to conduct yourself on board, to keep yourself, your fellow crew members and your passengers safe.

STCW for vessels of less than 24m

Although there is no legal requirement to hold STCW certificates on vessels of less than 24m, many employers and professional skippers expect their crew to have STCW certificates to work on smaller boats.

Basic Safety Training

Flying Fish delivers STCW Basic Safety Training as a one week course in Cowes, UK, and Sydney, Australia.

Flying Fish ensures you meet all the requirements of the STCW Convention. See our STCW Basic Safety Training week.

Superyacht crew training

Flying Fish offers a series of superyacht crew courses, leading to internationally recognised commercial certificates from the UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

For a successful start to a career on superyachts, see our STCW Superyacht Deck Crew or STCW Superyacht Interior Crew courses.

Many deckhand positions call for a Yachtmaster qualification. And if you have ambitions to progress to Chief Mate or Captain, a Yachtmaster certificate is essential.

Deck crew with serious career ambitions should look at STCW Pro Yacht Crew Training and consider our Yachtmaster Traineeships for a complete package of training and qualifications. 

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