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Who are Flying Fish?

Our story began in 1993 when two watersports Instructors set up a winter watersports training programme in Barbados for those who are looking to change in career. Fast forward to today, Flying Fish trains people who are looking for a career on a Superyacht, work in the sailing industry, watersports, or cruise ship.


Our ethos remains the same; to deliver professional training that leads to a professional qualification, providing you with adventure and employment opportunities worldwide.

Popular courses

Career paths

Finishing school and not sure what the next step is to take? Recently graduated and looking to kick-start a fulfilling career Or think you might be in the wrong job altogether? Then it’s time to consider a career on the ocean!

Whether you’re interested in Superyacht jobs, working in water sports or trying your hand at yachting, when you decide to make the ocean your office, you can rest assured that you’ll be in for a truly rewarding and unforgettable career; one filled with opportunities to learn new skills, earn an outstanding wage, and make incredible friends for life – all while getting to travel the world.

… and it all starts with embarking on one of our courses!

…and why do our students love our courses?

While we of course specialise in Superyachts, yachting and watersports, we also specialise in something truly unique – you.

When you enrol on one of our many exciting courses at Flying Fish, our team will take the time to get to know you as an individual, and not just a name on the register – from your background and previous experience to your hopes and dreams for the future.

This means that you’ll not only complete your chosen course with a lifelong professional qualification, but a whole new family, ready to support you as you embark upon your ocean career

What an absolute honour and pleasure it was being a part of Flying Fish family for the 2 weeks I completed with them! From the professional, helpful and attentive staff to fun, laughter and memories.

Monika B

Staff are amazing and so kind! Great course and great accommodation. Lovely location and an all round great friendly atmosphere.

Ossia M

Ready to launch your new career?

To find out more about a new career, whether that’s becoming a Yachtmaster to working on a Superyacht, we are ready to help!


Check out our selection of resources below to learn about all the training options we have available

As well as supporting our students to embark upon water sport, yachting and Superyacht jobs and training, we also love to share helpful blogs and articles on anything and everything to do with pursuing a career on the ocean!


Our resource section takes a closer look at lots of useful information as well and a guides and features.

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