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Vassiliki, Greece

Vass, as it is know to its many regular visitors, is a small fishing village on the Greek island of Lefkas.

The village has kept its character despite being host every summer to hundreds of sailors, divers, mountain bikers and windsurfers.

The little harbour is lined with tavernas and bars, mostly quiet but with one or two that are famous for their party atmosphere.

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Windsurfers and dinghy sailors

The warm waters and brisk local breezes here produce superb conditions on the water. An unusual local weather effect has made Vass a hot destination for windsurfers and dinghy sailors. 

The conditions are usually calm till around 10 in the morning - perfect wake-boarding. Then the sea breeze begins to fill in, producing a gentle Force 2-3 onshore: ideal for beginner windsurfers and dinghy sailors.

In the afternoon it usually accelerates across the bay, producing excellent cross-shore conditions from Force 4 up to very, very windy!

Mountain biking

For mountain biking, Vassiliki boasts an impressive range of mountains surrounding the valley, with off-road trails to suit every level of ability.

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Club Vass and Wildwind

Our windsurfing and mountain biking courses are based at Club Vass, the best equipped windsurfing centre in Europe.

We go dinghy sailing next door at Wildwind, where there is a large fleet of catamarans and high performance dinghies and skiffs.

Nautilus Diving

Flying Fish divers train at the Nautilus Diving Club.

Greece used to be virtually off-limits to divers as the authorities were fiercely protective of (sometimes imaginary) underwater antiquities. Now the regime is more relaxed and there are some spectacular sites to visit.

Start your underwater career here or simply take a dive holiday - the choice is yours.

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