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Visa information

If you are traveling to the UK or Australia to complete a Flying Fish course then depending on your residency status you may need a visa to travel.

The links and FAQ’s below will help you to research your status and to apply online. In most cases, your visa will be confirmed electronically without delay.

General advice about your passport

If you are a UK citizen traveling to Australia, you do not need to have six months’ validity remaining on your passport to enter the country. However, it’s recommended to have a valid passport for at least six months beyond the date of your departure from Australia, as this may be required by airlines or other countries you may visit during your trip.

It’s always a good idea to check the entry requirements of the country you’re visiting before you travel, including passport validity, as these may vary depending on the destination and your nationality.

If in doubt, you should contact a consular office of the country you are going to visit, in the country where you normally live.

Travelling to the UK

Citizens of most countries can enter the UK for a period of up to six months without formalities.

If you do need a visa to join Flying Fish in the UK it will be a General Visitor Visa.

DO NOT apply for a Student Visa.

To find out if you need to apply for a visa go to the Visas and Immigration section of the UK Government website.

Travelling to Australia

General comments

Apart from New Zealanders, all other nationalities require a visa to enter Australia.

If you are joining a Flying Fish course or event and you have no intention of working after your course then you need a Visitor Visa, usually issued electronically.

DO NOT apply for a student visa or tick any box on the application form that mentions “study”. If you apply for a Student Visa, it will be refused and this may prejudice any later application you make for another calss of visa.

Almost all visa’s are applied for online.

Please note that from 6 April 2022, all ETA-eligible passport holders can now apply for an ETA using the Australian ETA app

Still not sure?

If you would like further advice then please contact us using the button below or tap on the live chat button and talk to one of our team.