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Visa Information

Visa information for Flying Fish and how to apply online. Check if you need a visa to join Flying Fish.

The links below will help you to research your status and to apply online. In most cases, your visa will be confirmed electronically without delay.

Consular advice

If in doubt, you should contact a consular office of the country you are going to visit, in the country where you normally live.

Which visa?

If you need a visa to join Flying Fish, it will be a Visitor Visa or Holiday Visa, NOT a Student Visa.

If you apply for a Student Visa, it will be refused and this may prejudice any later application you make for the correct visa.

If you are looking for employment after training with Flying Fish, you may need a Work Visa.


Apart from New Zealanders, everyone from overseas needs a visa to enter Australia.

If you are joining a Flying Fish course or event and you have no intention of working afterwards you need a Visitor Visa, usually issued electronically.

DO NOT apply for a Student Visa.

If you plan to work after training you need a Work Visa. Unless you have sponsorship from an employer, it will be a Working Holiday Visa, normally issued online, to applicants up to the age of 30. You must be a citizen of a country which has a reciprocal arrangement with Australia.

Apply for a visa for Australia online


The website of the Greek Embassy in London has a list of countries whose citizens need a visa to enter Greece.

Greece is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement which has standardised the visa requirements of 25 European states and allows holders of the Schengen Visa free travel across their internal borders.

If you need a visa for Greece, you should apply for a Schengen Visa at a Greek consulate in the country where you normally live. If you normally live in the UK use this link:

Apply here if you need a visa for Greece and you live in the UK

United Kingdom

Citizens of most countries can enter the UK for a period of up to six months without formalities.

If you do need a visa to join Flying Fish in the UK it will be a General Visitor Visa.

DO NOT apply for a Student Visa.

To find out if you need to apply for a visa go to the Visas and Immigration section of the UK Government website.

Still in doubt?

For further advice send Flying Fish an email

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