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The Fish House in Vass

Where you stay in Vassiliki

Our accommodation at the Fish House is perfectly positioned, between the Vassiliki village and the beach.

The house has 14 twin-bedded rooms, each with a balcony and private shower.

There are shared kitchens and a large courtyard for al fresco dining - although eating out is good value so you may not bother to cook too often.

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Get to know everyone

Vassiliki has remained largely unspoilt, with just a few bars and tavernas to choose from. You will soon get to know everyone here and be enjoying the famous Vass party atmosphere.

Internet access is at Club Vass, Wildwind and in the local tourist offices.

Mailing address

c/o Flying Fish 
Club Vass 
Vassiliki, Lefkas 

Contact numbers

Flying Fish Greece +30 2645 031150 
Operations mobile/cell +30 6946 689433 
Club Vass +30 2645 031588 

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