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Yacht Crew Agencies List

Finding a job on a Superyacht is not always an easy process, and can be confusing if you haven’t had the right support or advice.

Along with making sure you have completed your STCW Basic Safety Training Course and have an ENG1 Medical Certificate, you’ll also need to head to the right marina at the right time of year.

Getting your first yacht job can be a cause of the odd headache and stressful moment.  

To make your new career path a little bit easier, we have listed yacht crew agencies who can give you a helping hand and hopefully open a few doors to start this incredible adventure. 

Much like how a general recruitment agency operates, a yacht crew agency’s job is to find suitable candidates for all positions, from Deckhands to Captains. 

They work by utilising their database of contacts and industry relationships to connect the right person with the right boat.

Yacht crew agencies will be able to help find work for all types of positions and experience, from Yacht Captains down to green (new) Stewardesses and Deckhands.

List of the best yacht crew agencies

Our recommended

YPI Crew

What they say: YPI Crew was voted number 1 Yacht Crew Recruitment Agency in the world by over 1,000 captains and crew. From our Antibes office in the South of France, we source and recruit the best yacht crew worldwide, from deckhands to captains, engineers, chefs and interior crew.

YPI Crew run the Flying Fish recruitment event in Antibes.

Phone: 07500 888 472

Insignia Crew

What they say: Insignia Crew is a unique proposition, it specialises in drawing it’s candidates from an elite pool of those who have served in the British Armed Forces, with particular focus on Royal Navy and Royal Marines whose maritime skill sets perfectly match the needs of today’s luxury super and expedition yacht industry.

Phone: 07500 888 472

All yacht crew agencies

+44 (0) 117 939 3747

SuperYacht Crew Agency
+44 (0) 208 12345 35

Yacht Chefs
+44(0)207 097 8929

Should you use a yacht recruitment agency?

There are multiple routes to find work on a superyacht. Some people have friends or relatives already on board who are more than happy to refer them, and others manage to find work through yacht crew Facebook groups.

Using a range of sources to find work will put you in a great position and signing up to a yacht recruitment agency is an important part of the process. Due to their good relationships with employers, they are often first to hear about new jobs, or may even have exclusive access to work that won’t be posted online. 

The yacht crew agency may also give you some great CV advice and interview techniques. After all, it is in their interest to make you as employable as possible, this is how they make their money! 

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