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SUP in Sydney

SUP in Sydney

Go vertical! Get out and enjoy one of the world's fastest growing water sports.

Paddle to the beautiful coves and beaches around Middle Harbour. Head to Chinaman's beach for a swim and on to Clontarf for a cappuccino.

Best in the morning

SUP is often best in the morning when the wind is light.

Contact Flying Fish for hire or a private lesson

Get fit

Stand up paddling is suitable for people of all fitness levels and it's a great way to help get you in shape. It is excellent for developing core strength.

Book a lesson and start paddleboarding

Let our patient, friendly instructors show you how to enjoy paddleboarding. A one hour Start Paddleboarding lesson with Flying Fish will teach you all of this:

  • Intro to equipment
  • Carrying and launching
  • Balancing techniques
  • Correct stance
  • Basic paddling techniques
  • How to turn the board
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Sea and wind conditions

One hour paddleboard lesson rates

  • Private lesson for one $85
  • Private lesson for two $60 per person
  • Group lesson for three or more $40 per person

Hire a SUP

Once you have mastered the basics you can come down anytime and hire a SUP.

Paddleboard hire rates

Includes a stand up paddleboard, paddle and a Type 2 Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

  • 1 hour $20
  • 2 hours $35
  • 3 hours $45
  • 4 hours $50
  • 8 hours $85
  • 2 days $100
  • 7 days $195

For up to date weather information for Sydney Harbour, please check out the Seabreeze forecast.

Contact Flying Fish for hire or a private lesson


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