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Windsurfing equipment

Windsurfing equipment

All windsurfing equipment is provided when you train with Flying Fish.

Design revolution

Developments in equipment design have revolutionised this sport in the last few years.

Beginners enjoy the stability of wide boards and lightweight rigs.

Experts get to try out the latest design advances.

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Club Vass, Vassiliki

In Greece we are at Club Vass, renowned as one of the biggest and definitely the best windsurf centre in the Mediterranean.

Here you'll find 200 boards from Fanatic, Starboard and RRD, and more than 300 Severne rigs - all new each year. 

Check out the full Club Vass kit list in Greece.

Flying Fish Australia

In Sydney we have a fleet of Naish windSUP boards and Aerotech rigs and a range of short boards for stronger winds and more advanced sailing.

The equipment is racked just metres from the water's edge so you can get out for a windsurfing fix in minutes.

Hire a windsurfer

In Sydney you can hire our equipment by the hour and enjoy the freedom of windsurfing on your own terms but with the reassurance that our safety boat is on standby.

Private lessons for individuals and groups

If you don't have time for a course you can book a private lesson and have one of our expert instructors tailor your training to your needs. Whether you are learning the basics or getting to grips with water starts and carve gybes we can help.

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Search our windsurfing courses in Sydney and Vassiliki


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