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The Yachtmaster Ocean certificate is the highest qualification available in the RYA scheme. The Yachtmaster Ocean qualification is for skippers who would like to skipper a yacht on passages of any length all over the world.

What does the Yachtmaster Ocean qualify me to do?

The Yachtmaster Ocean certificate of competence, recognised all over the world, allows the holder to skipper a vessel up to 24 meters on passages of any length. If the holder would like to work as a commercial skipper then by completing  STCW Basic Safety Training and applying for a commercial endorsement you are en route to a career as a professional skipper.

As Yachtmaster Ocean, you would have all the skills and competence to skipper your own boat across an Ocean or work as a professional skipper or begin a career on a Superyacht.

Sailors train for Yachtmaster Ocean because it provides the qualification that allows you to do everything, inshore, offshore and Ocean

Yachtmaster Ocean course

Requirements for RYA Yachtmaster Ocean exam

To become a Yachtmaster Ocean candidates will be experienced sailors with a good depth of knowledge of sailing inshore, offshore, and on extended passages. you must have completed the Yachtmaster Offshore practical exam first before training towards your Yachtmaster Ocean.

  • Hold the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate of competence
  • Complete a 600-mile offshore passage acting in a position of responsibility (skipper or watch leader)
  • Have completed a series of sights to fix your position at sea, a compass check using bearing of the sun, moon, or stars
  • Competent offshore/Ocean skipper with good offshore experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of worldwide meteorology

Once you have the prerequisite knowledge and experience you can sit the Yachtmaster Ocean Oral exam

The difference between Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean

The main difference between Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean is Astro navigation; the ability to fix your position using only the sun and stars. If you were sailing across an ocean and all electronic equipment were to fail then having the knowledge to fix your position using traditional navigational would prove invaluable.

Yachtmaster Ocean

How do I become a Yachtmaster Ocean?

Flying Fish Yachtmaster Ocean course takes you from a novice sailor all the way to Yachtmaster Ocean. Our training programmes include all the skills, qualification and experience you need to become an Ocean Master. The course is designed for all ages and abilities, whether you are new to sailing or have been sailing for years but don’t have any formal qualifications. Whatever your sailing experience then we can make the course work for you.

The complete package

All our Yachtmaster course options are modular programmes, which means you are able to tailor the course to suit your individual needs. Whether a beginner looking for a complete package of experienced sailor that wants a quick route to Yachtmaster Ocean we have a package that works for you. All our packages have options including training and accommodation

Train in Sydney, Australia

Customers train with Flying Fish for many reasons however, we are known for our training location, Sydney Australia. Australia offers so much in the way of lifestyle as well as the amazing playground which is Sydney Harbour. You will never get bored of sailing past the famous Sydney Opera House and under the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge!

If you have a couple of minutes, check out Giles’ experience down under:

All you need in one course

16 Weeks from £12,785

Yachtmaster Ocean Course

We take you from beginner to a Yachtmaster Offshore then on to Yachtmaster Ocean in 16 weeks

More information about this here

Just want to get your Ocean qualification

4 Weeks from £4,064

Yachtmaster Ocean Theory and Passage

Yachtmaster Ocean Theory and Passage combines the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory course with an exhilarating Pacific Ocean passage.

More information about this here
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