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Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

The beauty of celestial navigation is that you don't have to know where you are to determine where you are!

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory - 5 days in Cowes or Sydney

This course teaches you traditional methods of celestial navigation, including the use of a sextant. You will also learn about ocean meteorology and passage planning.

The course leads to the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory qualification.

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RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence

The Yachtmaster Ocean is experienced and competent to skipper a yacht on passages of any length in all parts of the world.

If you are aiming for this prestigious qualification you need to hold an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certificate and to complete an ocean qualifying passage.

Flying Fish offers a four week package of training which includes Yachtmaster Ocean Theory and Passage

If you are not already qualified as a Yachtmaster Offshore check out our Yachtmaster Ocean Traineeship

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