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Super Yacht Crew Jobs

Working on a super yacht is a dream profession for many, sailing around the Mediterranean and Caribbean with the rich and famous, and earning a decent salary too. Of course, yacht crew jobs do have their perks, but they are also incredibly challenging and require a great deal of commitment and hard work.

From luxury charter to private yachts and different roles on board, you’ll need to have a good understanding of what position to apply for and tailor your CV accordingly.

Having the correct qualifications will go a long way to finding your dream job, and as a minimum you will need an ENG1 Medical and STCW Training to work on a commercial yacht.

For entry level positions, you will probably be looking at becoming a Deckhand or Stewardess. These roles are highly competitive, so we recommend completing a training course where you get all the right qualifications and experience needed, so you can jump right into your first role with confidence.

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