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How to do CPR – First Aid Training

13th January 2020

CPR is a core skill delivered on any First Aid Training Course. It’s a technique that gives you the ability to manually keep a person alive should they stop breathing and go unconscious.

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What is CPR

The Windsurfing Water Start – How to Guide

7th January 2020

The water start is a game changer in your windsurfing progression. This move will give you more confidence to head out in stronger winds, smaller boards and bigger waves.

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How to waterstart

Yacht Crew Jobs – What Is Out There?

3rd December 2019

Worldwide yacht crew job opportunities exist for yacht captains, mates, yacht stewardess, engineers, sailing instructors and delivery skippers

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Super Yacht Seasons

2nd December 2019

Typically, a super yacht will arrive in the Mediterranean from the Caribbean between February and May to start the summer season.

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Yacht Seasons Antibes

Sailing Instructor Jobs

25th November 2019

From sailing clubs at home to holiday resorts in exotic locations, being a sailing instructor will give you the chance to travel the world, doing what you love.

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Dinghy Instructor Jobs

Water Sports Instructor Jobs – Teaching Windsurfing

25th November 2019

Top instructor and freestyle windsurfer Clare Elliot shares her story of getting her first job in the water sports industry and what life is like on a season in Greece.

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Yacht Crew Positions

11th November 2019

In general there is a hierarchy of yacht crew positions but the role itself and jobs descriptions will very from yacht to yacht. The diagram is a basic crew structure on board a super yacht.

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Yacht Crew Hierarchy

Tax Advice for Yacht Crews

4th November 2019

Like any job you will be paid a salary each month. When you start working on a super yacht the Officer, Management Company or person in charge will ask for your bank details.

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Tax advice Superyachts

The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

4th November 2019

A gap years offers far more than just travelling. You will figure out what is important, make better choices and help you to pursue your passions.

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Gap Year Benefits

Yacht Stewardess Job Description & Salary

29th October 2019

Delivering a 5 star service, your duties as a super yacht stewardess is to maintain the yacht's interior and provide the highest standard of hospitality.

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Yacht Stewardesses

From working in London to landing a job on a Superyacht

29th October 2019

Ben Dunne left his job in London, completed his Deckhand Course with us and has gone on to forge a career in the incredible and exciting super yacht industry.

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Alternative Career for Accountants

15th October 2019

Nikita Sutton recently made the switch, leaving her accounting career to pursue adventure and get out of the Monday - Friday routine. Here is her story....

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Different Jobs For Accountants
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