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Yacht Crew Recruitment During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought all of Europe to a standstill. Almost every industry has been affected, and the superyacht industry is certainly no different. New boat builds have been put on hold, charters paused, and of course the recruitment of yacht crew.

Advice for new yacht crew

To get the latest information about what is happening in the world of superyacht recruitment, we spoke to Lisa at YPI Crew, who runs our graduate recruitment days in Antibes.

She has some great advice for new crew and what you can do while in lock down.

As I write it is not clear when life will return to normal, but in the mean time we all have to keep following the advice and all play our part.

There are some things we can do and at Flying Fish we will be sending you some top tips on skills that you can learn while in isolation.

Video – Interview with Lisa frost


As Lisa suggests there is lots of content out there to read, watch, and listen to just to give you an overview of the industry and what life is like onboard. Jared Watney is a Deckhand who has documented his career in the Superyacht industry. His Youtube videos are well worth a watch and I would recommend subscribing to his channel.

Learn a new skill

While we are in lockdown, it is the perfect time to learn a new skill, whether a new language or learning how to fold towels or how to fly a drone. Working on personal development will show that you are self motivated and keen to learn.

Find work on social media

There are many Facebook groups that you can follow to provide information on the Superyacht industry, search “superyacht crew” on Facebook and it brings up a lot of groups. Many yacht jobs are posted on Facebook so it is well worth following some of the bigger groups.

YPI Crew have some good content on their Instagram account with videos about skills that budding Steward/ess’s can practice while at home. They also have some great advice and videos about interview techniques.

Superyacht Deckhand

Work on your CV

“Your CV is everything” is a phrase that a Captain said to me and whilst you have some time at home, you can start to work on your yachting CV. Your yachting CV is structured differently to a “normal” industry CV.

If you have not written a CV in a while then help is at hand. Check out our page on writing a Yachting CV.

However hard COVID 19 will hit the Superyacht industry, we have to remember that this virus has caused thousands of deaths and many families have been ripped apart.

We should count ourselves lucky that although our careers are on hold, it won’t be for long and there is every indication that the yachting industry will bounce back stronger than ever.

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